Men and teenage boys are much less likely than their female counterparts to ask for help for any emotional or mental problems they may be having. There is something about the male tendency to “be strong”, or not to show their “weakness”, that makes many think that toughing it out is the best option. Women will talk to their friends or their Mum but men are much less likely to do so.

It is well documented that the suicide rate for men is roughly double that of women, here in the UK. We think this is because men are more likely to follow through with the act than women, even if about the same % are having suicidal thoughts.

Working in the south east London area, I attract clients from right across the spectrum. I do see more men than many of my colleagues, increasingly in the 18-30 age group. I have some mentoring experience too, so I’m very keen on promoting anything that improves the chances of these men.

So, I was delighted to be asked to join the advisory board of a new foundation aimed at working with young men. Andrew Pritchard has created this foundation – the AP Foundation – seeking to fight against the scourge of knife crime and drug gangs, almost exclusively male problems. Fear is one of the main factors in both attracting people towards the drug trade as well as the appeal of carrying knives or weapons. I aim to use my extensive experience in the creative world of music and on into becoming a therapist to guide the foundation’s activities.

If you or a male family member are suffering anxiety, stress or depression related to any of these topics please get in touch. You do not have to bite the bullet and pretend it’s not affecting you. It is normal and human to have uncomfortable reactions to the pressures of life.

Watch Andrew Pritchard on the James English podcast in March of 2021. He has certainly had an eventful life so far!

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