Therapy Online

We all live in a rapidly changing world, and each of us are learning to adapt, live, and work in all sorts of new ways. Many people are finding the ongoing public health situation very difficult to cope with – especially those already living with challenging conditions.

Most people would prefer to see a therapist face to face, and indeed, it’s still my preferred way of working. With that being said, I have worked with some clients online for many years now – usually when it has been necessary and the only option. Technology and current trends in the workplace have however seen a rapid growth in home-working or with meetings being held via video conferencing applications, and many individuals, companies, and organisations are realising that a great deal of communication can be carried out effectively utilising this medium.

I am working very well with a number of clients in this remote way. As long as you can hear me (and ideally I can see you), it is a very safe and easy way for me to use hypnosis. All the other talking therapies, psychotherapy and counselling services I offer are also very simple to use online.

If you are thinking about dealing with some problems related to the recent lockdown and quarantine conditions or you have something that has been going on for longer, get in touch now. I am always available for a free 15 minute phone consultation. During this confidential chat I can assess your problems and let you know if it would be suitable to initiate therapy right away online or if we should wait until face to face is permitted.

You can reach out to me at +44 (0)7768 392 635, or email me at, and I can call you back.

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