Addictions and Habits

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”


― Buddha

An addiction is defined as “any repeated behaviour, substance related or not, in which a person feels compelled to persist, regardless of its negative impact on his life and the lives of others”.

When it comes to addictions, I believe that the problem lies chiefly within the person, not the substance. I therefore take a holistic approach to addictions, treating the person rather than the addiction. Alcohol abuse for example, is the symptom – not the disease.

I have worked with alcohol and nicotine addictions, as well as cocaine habits and cannabis dependencies.

In the first instance I will focus on harm reduction and psychologically strengthening the individual. An unhelpful belief system is often supporting an addiction. RECBH (CBT with hypnosis) is highly effective at empowering a person to take control of their addiction.

Gambling is another very destructive habit that I have experience with, and I treat such problems in a very similar way to substance and alcohol abuse. Hypnotherapy is also an excellent treatment for habits like nail-biting, teeth-grinding, and eating chocolate.
I can’t thank Spencer enough. After years and years on the ciggies, I had one session with Spencer two weeks ago and haven’t smoked since!
My whole outlook on cigarettes has changed, I don’t want one and the thought of having one makes me feel quite ill. I’m feeling much brighter in the mornings and haven’t worried at all about having to replace having a ciggie with something else. It’s not even on my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, you have to work at it yourself too – being out in pubs and restaurants and having a drink is the biggest challenge. But thanks to my new positive outlook, this isn’t the big problem I thought it was going to be.

I should have done this years ago. I would 100% recommend this to anyone that wants to give up.


- Tracey

I had a smoking cessation session with Spencer to quit a ‘social smoking’ habit that I’ve been trying to put aside for years.

The session was great, I was a little sceptical but it really worked. I left feeling very happy and relaxed and haven’t had a cigarette in the 5 weeks since! It’s not a miracle, there has been a little temptation, but it’s absolutely given me tons of support and I certainly feel that it’s given me control over any temptation.

I have recommended Spencer to friends looking to quit smoking / lose weight / control drinking habits

- Pippa

I had a 35 year long cannabis and tobacco smoking habit that I’d never been able to overcome with willpower alone – I thought l would never be free from it.

With 2 hypnotherapy sessions of Spencer’s help and the belief in myself that the time was right to finally say goodbye, I can honestly say that the desire to smoke has totally left me. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

- Lelly

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