Children and Teenagers

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter – and those who matter don’t mind.”


― Dr. Seuss

Young people are under more stress than ever before. Exam pressures, friendship and relationship dramas, and in particular the way they interact with each other in the modern age of social media can all contribute to a wide range of emotional and psychological problems.

The wonderful thing is that young people make exceptionally responsive hypnotic subjects, often making significant progress much faster than adults. I have successfully treated children as young as seven years old (for a phobia of dogs) right up to teenagers and young adults with confidence and self esteem issues.

The most common problem I treat in teenagers is exam stress. Poor preparation is a major cause of stress and anxiety in these cases, and I tend to take a holistic approach by initially reducing their stress levels. I then help them to improve their preparation – including diet, sleep and revision – leading right up to the actual exams.

“My daughter was taking her GCSE’s and suffering from anxiety and self doubt. Spencer taught her coping strategies and techniques to use in the exams. After two sessions with Spencer there was a marked change in her attitude, becoming more relaxed and confident.

She achieved 7 A’s and 4 B’s in her GCSE’s and is sure she would not have performed as well without Spencer’s help. I have no hesitancy in giving Spencer my full recommendation.”

- Simon

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