Fears and Phobias

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”


― Nelson Mandela

We are only born with two fears: the fear of falling, and the fear of loud noises. Every other fear that we develop during our lives is a learned fear.

For example, we usually inherit our fear of spiders from a parent – often our mother. As a child, we look to our parents for guidance in all things so when we see and hear Mum screaming at a spider, our own fear response is triggered and we learn to be afraid of spiders. The good news is that we can learn new, more helpful responses to these fear-inducing situations, and get rid of unwanted reactions.

Quite often, there may have been a scary event in childhood that can stay with us, well into our adult lives. As dog ownership increases, I see a lot of people of all ages with phobias of dogs. Flying is another very common problem. If we are going through some sort of trauma or emotional difficulty and these coincide with a turbulent flight, then our subconscious mind can at times conflate the two experiences, meaning that every subsequent flight we take, we experience the same negative reaction.

These and other phobias are often but not always rooted in childhood. Hypnotherapy is such a gentle and effective solution to removing these phobias, enabling us to essentially “rewire” our unhealthy responses.

I’d gone to see Spencer ahead of a trip to Brazil – my fear of flying was seriously dampening my excitement for what promised to be an amazing two-week holiday.

While this phobia was relatively new, it was really affecting my ability to travel, so I knew I had to do something about it. I’d never tried hypnotherapy before, but Spencer came highly recommended – and I really trusted him from the moment we first met. He’s kind and reassuring, and I was impressed by his passion and approach.

After just two sessions, I was ready to enjoy my holiday. And in the days leading up to the flight to Brazil, I didn’t feel any of the dread I’d previously had. In fact, what I was feeling when I arrived at the airport was excitement, not nerves. The overnight flight home was even better – I was completely relaxed and even able to sleep. I’m actually looking forward to flying again soon!

I’d recommend Spencer to anyone looking for a way to move past fear, anxiety, or whatever’s holding them back.

- Laura

I had a fear of flying that was steadily getting worse and I was unable to get on a plane without a drink to calm the nerves.

I had two sessions with Spencer and my experience was completely different. Not only did I not need a drink, I was able to sleep the night before and switch off on the flight. When I think of flying now, I’m no longer filled with dread and unease.

A total game changer. Spencer is also really friendly. Highly recommended!

- Lolly

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