Performance Anxiety

“Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t – you’re right.”


― Anonymous

Most of us are occasionally required to perform in some way in our personal or professional lives. This could mean giving a father-of-the-bride speech, or a presentation at a company conference. Sometimes, we build up these occasions in our minds, fear takes over and the ‘flight, flight or freeze’ response kicks in when we least need it.

Hypnotherapy can dramatically improve and enhance your performance. I myself spent three decades in the music business, working with musicians, producers, singers, dancers and DJs. I therefore have a very good idea of the kinds of emotional problems that performers tend to deal with. As a therapist, I have worked with all kinds of performers – from conservatoire concert pianists to international DJs and stage actors in London’s West End – all with great success.

“I have had 3 sessions with Spencer and things have really shifted.

As a self employed creative I have always struggled with anxiety/stress and self-sabotage. I was at a point where I was feeling totally overwhelmed and lacking clarity and direction in both my creative and business development; I felt like my brain with buzzing so much stuff that my head was about to explode!

In my consultation with Spencer I went off in all directions discussing working methods, thwarted creative goals, and feelings and emotions. And somehow Spencer managed to make sense of all my ramblings and proposed working on sessions to create a more peaceful, calm and relaxed me.

I have always found it difficult to relax and turn off my brain. So in the first session I was surprised that I had been “under” when Spencer told me the time. After this first session I felt calmer; It was if my brain was joyful for being nurtured and having a break from all the chaos for 30 minutes! ☺

I have had 2 further sessions and Spencer has also made me 2 recordings which I listen too if I am about the embark upon a stressful period of before a big job.

I think a combination of working with Spencer and proactively addressing my mind has resulted in me transforming my business. And most importantly receiving a long term goal of major accolade for my creative work.

Thank you Spence!”

- Heather

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