Sleep Disorders

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”


― William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Ensuring that we achieve seven to eight hours of sleep each night is an essential part of keeping physically, mentally, and emotionally fit and healthy. Countless scientific studies have revealed just how important sleep is to our overall wellbeing, yet achieving that seven to eight hour goal isn’t always easy.

We have come to learn that sleep really is our “universal health care provider” – and for once, it’s completely free. Whether the problem is physical or mental, sleep will help your recovery in all sorts of specific ways. Not only does sleep help us learn and improve our short and long term memories, but it can also help to heal emotional wounds such as grief, and even prevent sickness and infection.

Hypnosis is a wonderful treatment for many kinds of sleep problems, including insomnia. After just one session most people report an improvement in the quality and duration of their sleep, even if the treatment happened to be for a completely different problem.

I can give you the tools you need to manage your approach to bedtime, to help you get back to sleep quickly should you awake in the middle of the night, and to empower you with that wonderful feeling of rest and rejuvenation once you wake up.
What a great guy to see.

I visited Spencer to deal with my insomnia. I found him easy to speak to and his therapy worked much quicker that I expected. He has a very relaxing air about him and dealt with me professionally and since it worked I thought it very cost effective. I recommend him if you need to get something sorted out.

- Hayes

With help from Spencer I was able to finally get some deep and refreshing sleep. Working on work performance issues and it is a on going project but with the frame work set I am confident I’ll be able to overcome it. With time to talk and meditation in a relaxed atmosphere the sessions were well managed.
- K

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